Chapter 21: Return

I was just about to open my mouth to reply to her, when I was struck in the middle of the chest by a massive fist. I rolled backwards, and I smashed through the glass desk in the centre of the room.  The computer smashed to the ground, and I was showered in glass. Oh now I was fucking pissed. I stood up, and looked over at where Thunderbolt was standing, right in front of the massive brute that was Streamline. This fucking asshole was back. Well, I guess I knew why the army wanted him now. Streamline roared, and Thunderbolt backed away from him.
“Are you alright?” She asked me, and leapt out of the way of one of Streamline’s punches.
“Well, that’s raises my broken bone count pretty significantly,” I said. I pushed myself up, and quickly collapsed once again when pain shot through my arm.
“Okay. I’ll take the big guy, you call Miracle,” She said. God, I hoped she was sure about this. I pulled up the radio on my arm through burning pain, and Thunderbolt took up the fight with Streamline.


Okay, he was big. Really big. He threw a punch in front of me, and I danced out of the way.
“Well, if it isn’t the tiny girl that broke my jaw. Where’s your boyfriend? Did I hit him too hard?” Streamline grinned, and swung his massive fist down at me again. I jumped forwards, and kicked into his wrist. I didn’t know what I was hoping to accomplish, but I think breaking his wrist would be the best-case scenario. He grunted, and swung his arm into me. He threw me into a server bank, and if the power was on, I probably would’ve been pretty badly shocked. I jumped away from the mess of circuits and crumpled plastic, and launched myself forwards into Streamline. I grabbed onto his shoulders, and drove my knee up into his chin. I thrust myself up and over his head, and landed on the back of his head hard, forcing it down into the ground. He moved his arm up over his head to try and grab onto me before he hit the ground, and got a handful of my hair. I blasted lightning into the back of his head, and he screamed. He let go of my hair, and his arm fell to the ground with a crash. I stomped down on the back of his head, and I watched as his muscles and bones started to shrink away. I hopped off of his back, and headed back over to where Edward was lying on his back.

I stepped carefully through the broken glass, and smiled at him as he lamely lay on the ground.
“Having fun down there?” I asked him, and he ran his fingers along the underside of his helmet. Steam shot out from his helmet, and he lifted off of his head. He was grinning wildly, and his shaggy hair drooped down over his head.
“Funny,” He said, and stuck up his arm. He needed help. I almost laughed, before realising that must’ve meant his arms were screwed. I grabbed onto his upper arm, and pulled him up. I held him up on my shoulder, and he weakly lifted is helmet into the air. That was weird. He probably could’ve kept it on and easily done exactly what he just had, but the fact that he had chosen to take it off probably meant something bad.
“The screen’s broken. I have replacements, but there’s no way I could fix it now. I’d need tools,” He said, and grinned. Hopefully that meant the radio still worked. He limped as we started to walk forwards, heading towards the door at the other end of the room to where Streamline had come in from. He clutched onto my shoulder tightly as we walked, and grunted every once in a while, when he put just a little bit too much weight on his leg. He looked like an idiot. His knuckles were all red and bloody from being thrown, and his hair stuck up at weird angles from his helmet. I felt weird holding him up, seeing as he was taller than me, and he looked like he was probably just a little embarrassed that he was being held up by me.

We walked out of the door into the open courtyard, where soldiers were running around trying to make sure that there weren’t any enemies nearby. One of Shade’s soldiers took a look at the two of us, and smiled, before running off to where the sound of gunshots was echoing.
“Why couldn’t we go in through there?” I asked Edward, and he smiled at me.
“Because it was nowhere near as fun, or as safe,” He said, and I thought about slapping him over the back of the head to wipe that goofy smile off his face. Fortunately for him, I liked it.

May, however, was very quick to clock him in the jaw.

“Nice to see you too Miracle,” He said, and she grinned at him. She planted her palm in the middle of his chest, and after a few seconds of cracking, and the flash of green light in his eyes, he was able to stand up on his own. She passed him a radio, and he clipped it onto his ear before letting go of my shoulders, and tossed his helmet up in his hands. Tempest and Atlantis ran up next to Miracle, and Edward smiled at them.
“Hi! So, I’m going to need you guys to take my helmet. It’s kind of busted,” He said, and Miracle glared at him.
“Why do we have to do that?” She asked, before turning away from us to listen to her radio. She turned back, and snatched the helmet out of Edward’s hands, before sprinting off. Atlantis and Tempest stared at her, and Atlantis ran off to make sure she found her way around.
“What did you find?” Tempest asked, and Edward grinned.
“Nothing much, just Streamline. So, we’re heading off. Tell Miracle where we’re going, she may want to follow us just in case. You know, after she’s done with whatever it is she’s doing,” Edward smiled, trying to seem as genuine as he could. He didn’t want to say anything about the President.
“About him,” Tempest said. Edward ran his hands down his cheeks, and stretched them out.
“Too much to say right now. I’m kind of in a hurry,” He said, and smiled at me. I nodded to confirm it, and Tempest relaxed a little.
“Well, alright then. I’ll head out to help Shade’s men then,” He said, and lifted off the ground ever so slightly. His cloak flapped around his legs, and he sped away from us on a powerful blast of air.

“That was cool,” I said, and Edward grinned at me.
“Let’s go,” He smiled, and we headed towards a large building at the centre of the complex. That must be where he expected Alphonse Harrison to be.