The first time I’d heard rumors about the rebellion was about a week after the Incident. People were talking online, forums, social networks, wherever they could talk about it, you heard about the rebellion. Veterans were eager to sign up, to take down the government that had done nothing while the world was being thrown into chaos. It had only been a few years since the Northern apocalypse, the nuclear detonation that no-one took responsibility for. That was understandable, millions of innocent people had died, and entire countries had been completely destroyed. Japan, most of China, the Russian Federation, all of them. Gone. Even Mount Everest, for which the Everest Range was named, was now a great deal shorter.

We knew from the sheer amount of radiation from the event that no one country was involved. It had to be all of them. Still, any involvement was denied and blamed on terrorists. That didn’t change the facts, background radiation was up by around 2.5%, which although it may not sound like much, adds up over time. The French Empire lost a great deal of territory, and had to push into the deserts of what had once been Africa, which prompted action by both America and Oceania, my home. Our president, a man named Alphonse Harrison, declared that if France was to push down any further, they would be forced to take action against them. That went over well, and supposedly that was when the rebellion first made a move.

No-one talked about it then, but now rumors are popping up that they got their hands on some pretty serious tech, and they’d done it with ease. Now people wanted to join up with them again, and they’re starting to be more public. They’ve got an online presence, someone named Tempest, who has been leaking personal secrets about the president and other government officials. It wasn’t any good stuff, and people were getting concerned. People that believed it was true wanted to throw them in jail, people who didn’t believe the rumors were still concerned, because the anger was reaching a fever pitch. I knew that nothing good was going to come of this, and so when cops walked up to my door to question me about the Incident, I had to go with them, or associate myself with the rebels, and that could get you into some serious trouble. So, I went with them, and so did Iris, my younger sister. The two of us were halfway to our destination when we were stopped by a group of rebels. They took us with them, after that.

As it turns out, the world is a lot stranger than I thought.